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Walther PPK dissassembly

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I have just come into a real nice Walther PPK.
It is a W series, pre 1940 model in 32 ACP.
The problem is getting the slide off the receiver for cleaning.
I own a number of PA-63's and a modern Interarms PPK/S, so I do know how in theory, to dissassemble them.
With the trigger guard down, and the slide all the way back, I still can not lift it off the receiver.
Any ideas?
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I have tried all that you suggest.
The slide appears to be going back all the way, but the slide will not lift off the frame.
Any other ideas?
There is a capital "W" stamped in front of the serial number.
Blue Book indicates this was something different, and worth more than pre war PPKs with out the W.
The pistol has "Crown - N" proofs.

As to taking it apart, I would like to do so to really clean it, as it appears it has not been cleaned well for a very long time.

I'm beginning to believe this "recoil spring on backwards" thing.
Is there any way to get the slide off, if the recoil spring is on backwards?

Finally, I'm going to need a new set of grips for it, as the original set are very warped.
Someone in the past assembled the grips on the pistol with the locking tabs on the outside of the frame.
This caused the forward upper and lower edges if the grips on both sides to bow outwards.

Any ideas where I could pick up an original set?
They are the tan-ish brown color, one piece grips.

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The SN on this PPK is - W763xxx

Thanks for the ideas and leads.

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