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Gunboards "First Shot" Reviews

Reviews of firearms, firearms products, publications, movies, reference works, and other such items by Gunboards personnel and users.
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The Remembrance Board

This forum has been set up for members to share thoughts about loved ones that have passed. Board members may post of any person (even a beloved pet) that they wish to. This board is dedicated to departed forum board members Big Mike, Shyquestor, Colin in NC, Jimmy Dean Carter, and to Thelma M who was Tuco's beloved grandmother.
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The Collector's Forum - Mosin Nagant HQ

Created froma need of our parent site- we started the collectors board in 1996. This is the original Mosin Nagant forum on the Internet. It is the most active board on the subject that can be found. The board is world renowned as the benchmark on the subject. With users from all around the world, it provides an insight that is unique and educational that adds to the knowledge base and allows it to grow. An intense focus is put on the all the models of Mosin Nagant, Russian and Finnish weapons, as well as Soviet Arms such as the SVT38 and SVT40. A wide ranging and detailed dialogue with collectors and experts from the world over can be found here. If you like the Mosin Nagants, Finnish or Soviet weapons, or collectible firearms subjects then this is the board to check out.
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The Mosin Nagant Survey Forum

This forum is now open. From time to time new surveys dealing with the Mosin Nagant (and other arms) will be posted. Please assist in this venture as your input is needed to further Mosin Nagant research. Thanks and enjoy. - Note - This is a members only board.
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The Military Mauser Forum

The Mauser Rifle Forum: This board is setup for a wide range of topics concerning the military issued Mauser line of rifles. Without a doubt one of the most celebrated and widespread designs the world has ever known. All military Mauser topics are welcome as this forum covers a lot of ground. It is blessed with experts from the US and abroad.
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The K98 Mauser Forum

This discussion forum focus's on the famed K98 rifle of the German Wehrmacht and it variations and derivatives. Certainly one of the most popularly collected rifles around. This forum discusses the rifle and provides experts and collectors alike a place to share research and information. This board has quickly risen to be one of our most popular and houses some of the top collectors in the field.
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German Militaria Forum

This forum has long been desired at Gunboards and finally it is here. by demand of the users. In this forum the militaria items of the German army such as equipment, medals and insignia and headgear are discussed and knowledge of the subject matter shared.
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The Gewehr 41 and 43 Discussion Board

For the collectors and researchers of these fascinating German WW2 semi-automatic rifles. Now you have a dedicated forum to discuss your favorite rifles and share your opinions and questions as well as gain research with some of the best experts in the field!
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The Sniper Rifle Forum

Gunboards.Com Sniper Forum: A extensive range of military sniper rifles are covered on this board. Much of the information is quite detailed and should be of interest. The forum focuses on the Mosin Nagant sniper rifles and its variations as well the SVT and others but all sniper rifles are discussed here and information on just about any model can be found here. Hosted by Vic Thomas of MHC and author of the acclaimed "Sniper Rifles Of The Red Star" found on mosin nagant dot net. We welcome you!
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AK And SKS Collector Discussion Board

The SKS and AK series of rifles have always been popular arms and have vast numbers of owners that love them. This board is different from other forums in that it is geared more towards collectors, builders and shared research information of these immensely popular rifles. Give it a try as we think you will like the manner this board is run. One of the most popular forums we run.
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FAL /AR Military style Semi- Automatic Rifle Forum

For all military semi autos and like arms but with a focus on the FAL and AR series rifles. All types of military semi auto type rifles can be discussed here regardless of caliber or nation of issue. You'll find in depth discussions on weapons ranging from the featured FAL and AR type rifles to HK's, FN's and AUG as well as many others. Be welcome and discuss and share your passion with like minded collectors and shooters of these great rifles in this forum area.
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Italian Firearms Forum

One of the more interesting lines of arms available to collectors today. All Italian arms issues are discussed here. These weapons are gaining popularity with the collector and this is the spot to learn about them with some of the top experts in the field.
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French Firearms Board

For all French made arms of all time periods. From the Gras to the famous MAS line of weapons. This is the premier forum for collectors of French weapons.
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The Czech Weapons Board

For all Czech manufactured and issued arms. Vz24 Mauser to the Cz24 pistol it is all covered here by some of the best collectors in the field.
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Swiss Weapons Forum

For those that collect the fine Swiss made rifles and handguns. Open discussions and information sharing for all Swiss weapons.
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Mannlicher, Steyr & Blackpowder Cartridge Rifles

This fine board covers a wide range of arms. The GEW 88, Vetterli, the M95, and many other arms are covered in detail with some of the world's leading experts. All blackpowder cartridge rifles may be discussed here as well.
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Martini Henry Forum

One of the more interesting of the older rifle systems that are highly prized by collectors. If you want to talk Martini or any of its many variations this is your forum!
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The Machine Gun/ Automatic Weapons Forum

Gunboards presents a machine gun board that covers not only historic issue machine guns but machine guns of all periods. Maxims, Bren, ZB26, UZI, M16, RPK, and others are covered here. Some of the most knowledgeable full auto collectors can be found here to discuss the hobby and share their knowledge.
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Military Handgun Forum

For all military or military type handguns from all eras, regardless of nation of issue or time frame. From the old warhorse to the newest sidearm in the arsenal - All are covered here. Feel free to contribute in the discussions...
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M1895 NAGANT Pistol Collector Forum

For the collectors of these unique and desireable handguns as well as Nagant variations outside of Russian manufacture. Stop in and learn about these unusal and collectible firearms! A SERIAL NUMBER SURVEY has been added so please check it out, too. Everyone's info would be appreciated to aid in the research side of these pistols.
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Modern Handgun Forum

Civilian and Law Enforcement Handguns are our focus. This forum deals with current handguns both auto's and revolvers used by shooters around the world. Questions of current concealed carry handguns, holsters, ammo, and techniques come up quite often here.
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Middle Eastern Firearms And Militaria

A board for those that collect items from the Middle Eastern region. The board is for militaria as well as all firearms from nations such as Israel, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Armenia , Iraq, Egypt, North Africa, and other nations from the region.
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Winchester And Lever Action Board

For Those That Collect Lever Actions Of All Eras. Love those old lever actions? Then this the place to learn and share your knowledge- join in the fun.
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"The American Arsenal" US Weapons - Past & Present

All USA issued weapons are covered on this board. The 1903, the M1, the 1911, and a host of others like the BAR and 1919 and modern versions of our armed forces arsenal.
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The Semi Auto Builders Forum

For those building the various semi-autos. Be these the 1919's, AK's or others , all posters are welcome to share their projects and builds here and exchange tips and ideas.
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John P. Sheehan's World War I Militaria And Arms

A board setup by JPS, a Gunboards moderator contributing author to several publications and long time WW1 collector and researcher. Due to popular demand a board is now in place for John to share his impressive collection and unbelievable knowledge with other collectors interested in this area. Please feel free to add your input, comments, information, and photos.
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JPS's Hunting And Fishing Board

We hosted this board a number of years ago and decided to bring it back. Come on sportsmen - take part in the fun.
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The Big Bore Board

So are you a big boy with a big toy? For the fans of the big stuff.
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Military Photo Album

Here you can show off military photos from your collection. These can be of any nation and any era – World One War to Iraq and everything in between. Lots of great photos are posted here so check it out.
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Armor, APC, Artillery, Anti Tank, Mortar, Warplane

For the discussion of tanks, armored personal carriers, armored cars, artillery, anti tank guns, anti aircraft guns, mortars, military planes, military helicopters, related ordnance, and military warships. All of these subjects have equal standing so if you love the equipment that makes the armed forces of the roll shake, rattle, and roll this is the place for you. Brought to you by Trans Universal Combat Ordnance.
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War Stories-A Tribute page

This forum is dedicated to the veterans of war and is a place for those to post pictures and stories, personal histories and more about their loved ones or friends or acquaintances who saw the dogs of war and brought home the stories to share with us. Open to all time frames , countries and conflicts, this forum shall act as a place of tribute to those who heard the call and proudly served their nations.
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The Ammo Bunker

For detailed discussions about surplus and other ammo. While not really focusing on reloading, this topic is also discussed and covered in this valuable forum for the shooter and collector alike..
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The Military Rifle Competition Forum

For the discussion of any competitive shooting activity, formal or informal, involving military rifles. Join in today and get some great tips and info from the experts. For the novice and experienced shooter alike.
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Militaria-Swords-Bayonets- Edged Weapons Forum

For militaria and bladed weapons collectors. All eras are covered on this board, from the past to the present.
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Commercial and Military Sporting Arms Forum

This board focuses on Commerical and Military Sporting Arms and Associated Accoutrements. Included in this forum are discussions focusing on vintage (Pre-WWII) to contemporary sporting arms and other such topics.
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Workbench Forum

Restoration, gunsmithing, reloading, and tinkering are the topics on this board started by our friend Win. This board has grown and grown over the years and is an outstanding technical gun forum.
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Smoke Pole - Blackpowder Forum

Blackpower (ball, cap, percussion, flintlock, inlines). Hunters and shooters are most welcome to join in. For those that love the smell of blackpowder in the morning.
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CCW Discussion Forum

For questions that deal with concealed carry. The board is here to discuss good choices for carry weapons, laws, tactics, accessories, and like subjects. As the world has become a more dangerous place more and more people have decided to go to concealed carry, and it is our hope this board helps those thinking of taking the next step.
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Shotgun Forum (military and commercial)

This forum is for the fans of the "scatter gun". Discuss all of your interest and experiences in this fascinating field of both military application of the shotgun and the commercial/hunting use of the shotgun.
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Single Action Revolver Forum

Brand New! This is the place for those old single action pistols for those who enjoy them as a shooter and or the collector. If you like S&W, Colt or Ruger as well as all the others- come in and add to the discussion nad have some fun!
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CETME Rifles And More


Two very interesting rifles from Spain that are catching on with collectors. One of the fasting growing and one of the most used boards hosts. Check it out!Were all family here
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The Spanish Pistol Board

A board set up for those that collect Spanish handguns.
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Sound Off/RKBA Forum

A general sound off board where you can express your thoughts on any number of matters pertaining to the right to keep and bear arms (RKBA). It's not OT here. From legislation, shoots and view points as well as related topics. Profanity is not allowed! Political views and topics should be posted in the politics board.
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Survival/Preparedness A forum setup to keep you in the ready. Better safe than sorry.
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The Mossberg Small Bore Forum

For the fans of these arms.
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Makarov Dot Com - The Best Mak Info Makarov Dot Com - The Best Mak Info That Can Be Found

The Makarov Forum

A great line of pistols with a lot of fans. Make sure to visit Makarov.Com's fine site as well.
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Slim Tim's Makarov Trader

Slim Tim has done it again! He has started his own trader just for those that love the Makarov pistols and accessories.
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Scandinavian Firearms For all Scandinavian firearms

Swedish Military Firearms Forum

The forum that covers all your questions on the fine military arms of Sweden. This board is run by two well known and respected collectors, Anders and The Dutchman.
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Swedish Civilian & Sporting Firearms

A board that will focus on the non military arms of Sweden. Enjoy!
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Krag rifles of Norway, Denmark & U.S.A.

For the fans of the Krag rifles and carbines. You asked for this board and now you have it.
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Japanese Collector's Boards Boards suited to the arms of the Rising Sun-Imperial Japanese arms and militaria are the focus here.

Firearms Of The Rising Sun

For the collectors of the weapons and militaria of Japan. This board supports and is the forum section for the world acclaimed Japanese collectors group, BANZAI. This board is the best one on the net for Imperial Japanese arms and accoutrement's with all of the leading experts regularly in attendance.
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Japanese Trader Board

This can ONLY be used to post Japanese items.
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Lee Enfield - 22 Caliber Forums & English Gun Pub

The Lee-Enfield Forum

For the fans of the Lee Enfield line.
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Weapons of the British Commonwealth

This forum is for the discussion of British commonwealth arms. Off topic posts are fine but please stay civil and within the forum rules and standards. There is a bit more of an international flare here.
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The .22 Caliber Forum

A board for those that collect and shoot the 22 caliber military trainers and derivatives. A great place to meet and discuss these fascinating rifles used to train for the big boys.
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Other Boards Of Interest A mix of boards for collectors.

Tennessee-Georgia Shooters Board

A place for shooters from these great states to meet and get together. Set up shoots, go to shows together, get out and have some fun!
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DDR Militaria Forum And Trader

For the collectors of DDR items. Both a discussion board as well as a trader to list items for sale
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Reloading Handloaders Digest

Reloading Handloaders Digest
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The Cartridge-Ordnance Collectors Board

The Cartridge-Ordnance Collectors Board
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Military History Board

Military History Board
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Current Events\Politics\Grumpy Old Men Forum

A wide ranging board which allows news, current events, and off topic postings (usually by old cranks who shouldn't, but we try to keep the board civil in nature). Often times its salty, its quick witted and its raw but thats why its down here and needs a password. Click on one of the moderators names to the right to obtain a password by request only.
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MN&Milsurp Purist FB Group

This is a safe haven for the FB gun groups that are losing their collecting based groups due to the FB policy changes. This forum is very lightly moderated and you are free to express your opinions and thoughts openly. The group IS PASSWORD protected so you will need to click on one of the moderators names to obtain the password from them via PM. It is not to be shared-
975 10K
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System Help - Test Boards

Report Spam here

If you get an email SPAM from a site user or get a private message that is SPAM report it here. Be detailed when leaving this report. Make sure to include the email address and the USERNAME. The USERNAME is very important as we need it to take action.
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System Help Forum

Help on how to use these boards. NO FIREARMS HELP GIVEN HERE. Just system questions will be answered.
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Performance Issues

Please make comments here regarding the performance of the boards. Noting the time and date is important
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Test Forum

Don't know how to use the functions or upload a picture? pop in here and use this board to make test postings and to see how our features work.
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Gunboards Trader-Classified Ads-Sponsors Boards

Gunboards Sponsors links

A listing of all of the great sponsors that make possible and the links to their websites or contact info. We highly recommend that all of our members support and visit our sponsors before any other source for thier shooting and collecting needs. They make it possible for all of us to be here. We MUST support them for the privledge.
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Sponsor's Trader for deals and special offers

Make sure to check on these boards often as they will be for listings by our official site sponsors. Special deals, sales, and other offerings. Only official Gunboards sponsors may post on this board.
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Group Buy Forum

A group buy forum that will allow members special pricing on items from various vendors. The only postings allowed here are those that are group buys WE set up. Members or outside vendors are not allowed to start their own buys and use the board for this purpose.
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Group Buy Suggestion Board

If you wish to suggest a group buy please feel free to post it here. Maybe our sponsors will find a deal for you!
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The Trader - WTS and WTT listing board

List all your WTS - WTT (Wanted To Sell or Wanted To Trade) ads on the very active Trader. The best trader found on the net! ABSOLUTELY NO COMMERCIAL POSTINGS are allowed EXCEPT for sponsors. WTB ads should be placed on the WTB forum board. WARNING: Gun-related items only to be listed!! Combine your ads into one posting please-
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The Gunboards NFA Trader

This forum is setup for those items that require a transfer tax. Machine guns and like arms. This is a new service from and we hope it is of use to the members.
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Want to Buy Forum

A place where you can post a request to buy a certain item or items. This forum gives you a quick look at people searching for specific things you may be selling.
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Non Firearm Or Related Trader

Please post your non firearms, non related to firearms, non military, and like items here. This board can be used to list items for sale, trade, or item wanted to buy. Please use this board for such postings not the standard Trader.
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Trader - Buyer - Positive Seller Feedback Forum

On this forum only list POSITIVE feedback from a buyer or a seller. Use the new negative feedback forum for NEGATIVE feedback or alerts. These boards may only be used to leave feedback on sales made on the trader, site sponsors selling through, or sales items listed in some affiliation with OUTSIDE dealings are not be to be posted here.
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Trader - Buyer - Negative Seller Feedback Forum

On this forum only list NEGATIVE feedback from a buyer or a seller. Use the new positive feedback forum for positive feedback or alerts. These boards may only be used to leave feedback on sales made on the trader, site sponsors selling through, or sales items listed in some affiliation with OUTSIDE dealings are not be to be posted here. 3 negative feedback ratings will result in a suspension from
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Gunshow Listings

Gun Show Listings: List all upcoming gunshows here. Anyone may post on this board not just sponsors. Nationwide! ONLY FOR GUNSHOW LISTINGS!
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Board Meets - Shoots - Shows - Like Events

Use this board to discuss and setup meets with other members.
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  1. Swedish Military Firearms Forum
    As we now knows was Husqvarna producing and selling 700 m/38 to FSR shooters during 1943-44. This particular m/38 came into one of the most famous Swedish shooters hands during the 40s. His name was Bertil Rönnmark and earned a gold-medal at Olympics in Los Angeles 1932. Numerous medals at...
  2. Swedish Military Firearms Forum
    I test fired an M94 today and was hitting 20" high at 100 yards. Sight replacement and adjusting will be a painful process on the carbine because I will have to remove the nose cap for each change. I have seen replacement front sight blades in numbered sets -0.5, 1.5,3 (?). Has anyone read...
  3. Looking for HK91 or 93 Woodland or Desert camo Must be new in box or new no box Thank You John
  4. Swedish Military Firearms Forum
    Hi, I have a 94/14 that has been on the back burner for MANY years and I want to finish her up. I was able to get the parts but wanted to know the following: 1. Is there any easy way to get the hadguard ring on without taking off the rear sight? 2.She has been fitted with the barrel...
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