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K98 Mauser high turret reproduction
Push Button Easy on/off Laser boresighter and black red cleaning ropes
Quality different types of QD gun sling swivels, sizes in 1in, 1.25in, 1.5in
French MAB with nazi stamps
Stocks made for Astra 900 showing numbering.
J Dirlam and Sohne of Solingen
All matching minus magazine. 1918 DWM Luger I bought in 2019
Finish Valmet L35 and stock
Can't find the Identical gun With gold colored trigger & hammer
I am looking for information on a perkun bayonet
Disorders in a local auction and I would like to know a little more before I purchase it
Saiga long barrel Ak 47, Saiga Ak74
Took this out two years ago now and was blessed to have him come about 25 yards broad side! Got it done with the 69. Smoothie in service yet today! Would love to see some other historic pieces still in service!
Rifle with no visible model/manufacturers info that i can see.
Looks like I did good on this one guys! (seems to be first run #1872/32) Civil Guard M28/30 SK.Y. no date on reciever, "D" stamped.
Fairly new to collecting...but these are my acquisitions so far.