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Walther PPK dissassembly

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I have just come into a real nice Walther PPK.
It is a W series, pre 1940 model in 32 ACP.
The problem is getting the slide off the receiver for cleaning.
I own a number of PA-63's and a modern Interarms PPK/S, so I do know how in theory, to dissassemble them.
With the trigger guard down, and the slide all the way back, I still can not lift it off the receiver.
Any ideas?
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Remove the magazine, Pull the trigger guard down and pull the slide FIRMLY ALL THE WAY to the rear and lift up at the rear.
Some of these are difficult and you have to be sure you get the slide all the way back.
Also, if someone has possibly installed the recoil spring backward on the barrel that may interfere with slide removal.
As for the side disassembly problem, I'd hesitate to use tools to force the slide to the rear and possibly damage it.

I don't know if Earl's will offer any advice, but you could call and ask if he has any suggestions:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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