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I have never seen a wartime 8x Zeiss on a rifle, but that doesn't mean there weren't.

Interestingly, the "Major Koenig" rifle has a claw mount, and in actuality the objective bell is so f'ing huge, the scope cannot be dismounted by tilting forward.

Huge pet peeve of mine. The motivation was to imply that the "elite" German sniper had a huge advantage in optics and technology, and still was beaten by a peasant with a 4x PU scope.

And they don't show a 3 post reticle in Koenig's view...but do for Zaitzev. Also annoying.

The only thing worse would have been if they somehow would have made Koenig an SS mann, but unbelievably he was actually a Wehrmacht sniper.

The whole movie was a bunch of crap in my opinion, start to finish. The highlight was seeing the Commisar get a 7.92x57 FMJ in the melon, despite the gross underrepresentation of the results of such a shot on a human head - even a thick skulled Soviet Political officer.

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