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Unless there isn't something in writing, a sale of used working equipment is, I believe, legally considered AS IS. I would expect you have no warrenty responsibilities, implied or otherwise, with the exception being if you sold goods that you knew to be inoperable as 'operable'. Used refrigerators should keep things cool. Used TVs should be able to get Channel 13. And so forth. Personally, I think you are being too nice. With the offer of helping to spend cash to fix the problem you certainly sound like an honest person, and not like someone trying to merely pawn off an inoperable weapon. I guess it comes down to how responsible you feel that the gun doesn't function. are assuming the gun hasn't been tampered with or otherwise rendered inoperable by the new owner. Don't put it past someone to screw something up, inadvertently or otherwise, and come back on the unsuspecting seller.

Regarding extraction and used guns. A while ago, I bought an M1 carbine in a FTF transaction (for an extremely good price) without doing much research on them first. Once I got around to shooting it (that night) it failed to extract rounds as well. I might get one or two cycles, then nothing. Had I known more, I would have seen the bad extractor. I didn't, but instead of whining or crying to the seller (who in my estimation is an honest fellow---he said he hadn't shot it either), I considered the transaction final and took the opportunity to learn the M1C system and fix it. Honestly, after one year, your responsibilities towards this rifle are, IMO, long past your concern.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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