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I just thought that I would report back my experience with replacing the gas value on my Yugo SKS.

Prior to the gas valve replacement, my yugo would not cycle much of the time. I purchased a new gas valve and replaced the old valve with the new valve.

It took me quite a bit of effort to get the new valve into place, and I almost gave up on it. I wasn't able to insert the new gas valve with the spring attached to the screw, so it went in without the screw spring. The new valve is apparently a bit longer and also slightly less deep (in the interior of the valve) than the original valve.

In any case, I took the SKS out to the range, and for the most part, it now works as it should. It's still not kicking out the spend cases as far as my other yugo SKS does, but at least it's enough to cycle the action now.

On the other hand, I did have one jam occur, and this may or may not be related to the weak ejection.

I'll need to take it out to range to experiment some more with it.

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