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G'day folks,

I've been at it again. More YouTube vids. This time, I took my 1943 Maltby No4 MkI, my Savage No4 MkI* (65C serial number, any idea what year that would be?) and my 1953 Faz No4 Mk2 out to show some similarities and differences.

Remember at school when you'd get an English assignment asking for you to 'compare and contrast' something? Well that's what I've tried to do, in a basic but easy to see way.


I got a little carried away, which took it past the ten minute mark, so I split it into two vids.

Yep, same irritating starting words, but there ya go!

Anyway, I hope they're enjoyable and maybe a little informative for those who are new to Lee Enfields. Thes two take the number of videos posted to twenty. I'm doing some more filming today to show a little surprise!

Anyway, what the bloody hell am I doing up at 3.57am?! I'm going back to bed now that they've uploaded!!!

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