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If you believe Saddam had ties to AQ or WMDs you live in Fantasy land and deserve to have your head examined.
Tell your nurse to reduce the Thorazine you receive Intravenously MB so you can slowly return to reality.

Not only did Saddam have WMD he used chemical (and probably biological) weapons, killing hundreds, if not thousands, of Kurds and during the Iraq-Iran War, against Iranians. I suppose you believe that the concentration camps of WWII were fake too.

I carry a firearm at work everyday; spent 30 years in uniform in the military. I have never fired a shot in anger; hope I never have to. But I can tell you no video game will really show you what it is like to shoot at someone or to reload under stress.

MauserBoy from what I've read of your posts you really are not in touch with reality.

Just because a computer programmer can create a game with amazing detail still means it is just a game.
81 - 81 of 81 Posts
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