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BradB’s question on his Type 30 bayonet reminded me an interesting museum in Kure City (呉市, くれし), Hiroshima.
Kure was the home base of Yamato, the largest battleship in the world with full load displacement of about 72,000 tons. Displacement of an Iowa class battleship is about 57,000 tons. Kure is still a major port for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.
There is a Naval History & Science Museum (Yamato Museum) in Kure. The major exhibition is a 90’ long, 1/10 scale model of Yamato.
The shell on the right is from 18” guns on Yamato. The left one is from 16” gun on Battleship Nagato, displacement 42,000 tons. Nagato was the flagship of the Combined Fleet in 1941, flying the flag of Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku during Pearl Harbor Attack. Both ships were built in Kure Naval Dockyard. Kure was the biggest arsenal town in Japan during WW2. After the war, the dockyard built many super tankers.
Please see photos:
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