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I think $500 is fair w/the holster. Looks like an AKAH mfg holster, but perhaps not,,just going by what I can see of the partial stamping.
Other than the makers marking on the holster, are there any German Military markings on the leather?,,,waffenampt, eagle/swastika, etc. That would extend the value of the leather a bit. But it's at least a $75 to $100 holster as is depending on where you see them.

The pistol was a fair amount of wear but looks to be just honest use. We all like to see pristine examples but afterall, it was in a war,,and you pay dearly for condition.
Numbers match frame & slide. I don't believe the barrels were ser#'d as they were a factory assembled (semi) permanent unit to the frame. That's my recollection anyway,,might be wrong as always.

WaA359 is correct for a PP or a PPK
Magazine looks correct with just the banner. Some also had the caliber marking under the banner on the left side. Very late mags had just a 'W' marking. All on the left side.

I'd probably buy it for that price.
They're asking around $400 for the post war Mod PP 32acp police turn in pistols that were imported a few years back. Granted most of those were/are in better shape finish wise but will never claim any history like this one.
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