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WWII toy/replica M1 Carbine

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I am looking for information on a WWII toy/replica M1 Carbine.

The markings on the pistol grip in gold are" Patent Pending, Emergency Equipment Co Grand Rapids Michigan" and on the side of the butt stock "Genuine Army Reject Carbine Stock "

The WWII toy/replica M1 Carbine is complete except for the missing front sight. In my research I have not found another one like it. Does anyone have any information or know a source I might try?

Thanks, Paddy
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I saw one of these at a flea market once. I don't remember it having a front sight.
You can see on the end of the black painted wooden barrel a strip of unpainted where the front sight was inserted.

I have one just like it except for the sling cut out. I thought it was neat, especially the "genuine army reject" part!! I thought I had the only one around till I saw yours. I tried to post a pic, but the file is too large, I guess. I have no idea how to make it smaller. Sorry
P.S. mine still has the original front sight. It just a little sliver of wood.
I realize this is a very old thread but I just came across it by doing a web search for "M1 carbine + Wooden toy". I remember having one just like that as a kid and was pretty sure it was made from original carbine stocks, Didn't know about the "reject" part. LOL
My rifle has a stamp on the side of it.
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