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I have several unopened cans of 1945 dated .30-'06 ammo. I don't remember the maker but I've just been shooting the ammo. Yesterday, at the range, a fellow bought three of the unopened 20 rd cardboard boxes and was going to put them in his collection. I charged him $30 for the three boxes. That started me thinking that the ammo may be worth more as collector ammo.

Would it be better if I traded the WWII ammo for ammo that I can shoot? Would there be any interest out there in this 1945 ammo?


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I was doing the same thing...I have around 500 rounds left of WWII dated '06 ammo, i have just been shooting it.
I personally don't think it would be worth the hassle to sell it in small lots, and i don't think it generally brings much money.
What's it worth to someone who collects it? .50 cents a round? Hardly worth it at the price of 30/06 these day's.
"ARG" was selling some on the trader, i don't think he got much for it.
....but if someone wants a certain arsenal or date from WWII, shoot me an e-mail, maybe i can fix you up.
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