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WW 1 Ross Sniper

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I have a line on a Ross sniper that is in good shape with a Winchester A-5 scope,,,the scope could use a cleaning . I have no idea what it is worth and neither does the little old lady that owns it, can anyone give me an idea..
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Di-k pull your head outta your @#$# and help us out ,old man
The Ross has turned out to be what I think to be a sporting rifle made from a Battle rifle, albeit a wonderful job. Like I said , I know absolutely NOTHING about the Mighty Ross at all ..I don't even have but a very few pictures to even compare it to. I can see that in "HER " day that she must have been quite formitable.I will send you all pictures if I can wrestle it away from her and her relatives long enough to photo..
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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