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WW 1 bayonet

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I just picked up a 1915 butcher blade bayonet/scabbard.
It is a run of the mill 1915 dated one, but the maker is - to me - an odd one.
Condition of about VG overall, No frog. What is the value of this?
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WW1 Bayonet

Personally I could care less as to whether the bayonet or sword or rifle is made by a rare maker or not. My main concern is it in decent shape, can it be used, etc. What is a rare maker to one person may be uncommon to someone else. We collectors can be a funny bunch and the peculiarities of our collecting is what adds a little spice to the hunt for that next item. I have 7 butcher blade bayonets with different years of manufacture and not a single one is a Coppel. Go figure. For me I just like collecting bayonets regardless of the maker or year but I am modestly particular about condition which means it has to be at least restorable. By the way I paid $150.00 for mylast butcher blade bayonet/scabbard and it doesn't have a nick or dent on it anywhere. Out here in the People's Republik of California prices tend to run high locally and our little local gun show operates on a different level of reality when it comes to prices. My opinion only. Best Regards, Joe
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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