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Remington Premier Match .223 62 gr. Hollow Point Match. 20 round box. This is the good stuff. Best commercial round availible for competition (and hunting), the only thing better would be custom handloads.

SG sells it for 22.97 a box, CTD sells it for 24.07 a box, and MidW has it for 25.99 a box. It is good stuff and not just cheap ammo just for plinking.

No AR...I sold it, so I would like to trade this for a round I can shoot......willing to go box of 20 one for one exchange for commercial 7.5 MAS or 7.5 Swiss. Will go two of mine for one box of 7.7 Jap.

Will consider offers of other cals such as 8x56, surplus 7.5 Swiss, 54r, 8mmMauser, or sell outright for 15.00 a box plus shipping.
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