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i have decided to put this up for trade as my interests have changed a bit. up for trade is my series 45 Mukden T-99 short rifle. the rifle is listed by serial number in MROJ 5th edition. this Mukden is typical of all known existing Mukden examples in that it has a mismatched bolt. the rifle retains the mum and is more than likely a Chinese import but it has no import marks on it. the rifle does have a matching front band. i have pictures, but im at my crappy computer right now so i will post them a little bit later. my trade iterests are below.

T-97 sniper
no series nagoya with all bells and whistles
T-38 or T-44 LOC rifle
Baby nambu
pressure test rifle
T-100 grenade launcher
field gear
boxed ammo

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Nice '03 in the first picture.
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