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Hello- I have some aluminum gaschecks I would like to trade for some reloadable brass. I am looking for 7.62x39-7.62x54r-7.5x55 swiss-220 swift-6.5x54MS-6.5x55... I would also be interested in FIRED 22 brass. I use these to swage .223 bullets. The gaschecks I have available are 30 caliber and .357. The 30 cal fits lees 312-155-2r bullet. The 357 fits lees 357 SWC bullet. I basically use lees elcheapo push through sizer to crimp on. I have approx 4k in 357 and 3-4k in 30 cal. Whatcha got?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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