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OK, I have a few of these in like or better condition and with a new focus in my collection, my gun room is filling up quickly so i will pare down one of these beauties. This is a numbers matching Nagoya arsenal made 3rd variation Type 44 carbine in excellent condition. The bore is excellent, and since this is an advanced collectors piece, i have never fired it. No cleaning rods in the butt, but i do have the very hard to find correct variation muzzle cover that can go with this rifle for the right deal. Im looking to trade this rifle for something else that i don't have. Please keep in mind that type 44s in this condition sell for a ton of cash (i chased one in similar condition at a local country auction to $2800 and lost) so I'm not going to trade it for a couple mosins or yugo mausers.

I can add or take cash for the right deal.

Trade interests:

Type 97 sniper scope
Enfield #7 or #9 trainers with or without transit crate
Enfield SMLE with cut off and volley sights
ZF4 scope and mount for a G43/K43 rifle
Enfield trainers in .22lr of early conversion
Enfields with Irish, Iraqi, Austrian, etc. markings
WWII dated Garand with correct WWII era parts
various oddball snipers such as swedish, swiss, etc.

also, feel free to make me an offer too....never sure what strikes my interest until it is in front of me.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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