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Hey guys,

When it rains it pours. Predeployment plus some other "good" happenings has me selling my last gem.

Up for grabs is this Hirazukuri Wakizashi from Shinshinto (possibly late koto/early Shinto?) with a beautiful side hitatsura (hamon throughout the blade) wide on the ha to the kissaki, with wide turnback through the mune and on the blade. Hada appears to be an itame mix. Very solid blade, almost like a yoroi doshi. The other neat factor is the koshirae being modified for WWII usage and an old shipping label to ship back to the states (V-mail). Back when you could smack a shipping label, a few stamps, and call it a day without your stuff being stolen.

There are splotches of older rust (and copper stains from pennies), and as damage on the edge from the vet's son chopping copper in the past. Damage is not fatal, with plenty of hamon left for a polish if wished. No noted forging flaws.

I will get the dimensions again shortly! Blade is approx. 16/17 inches, very wide and thick and very few polishes in it's past. I had this sent to me in Japan where the agent highly recommended to send to a togishi. Just never had the time and money, plus returned to the states early on a family emergency transfer.

Priced to sell at 700 obo (was 800). Please don't hesitate to ask any questions!











More photos upcoming!
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