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NOTICE: It appears this seller has disappeared. I am leaving his post up for now to assist anyone who may be out money in recovering their goods or funds, if any loss has occurred. At present, no one has indicated they've lost anything other than their time. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS POST AS OF 1/13/09 at 18:00 EASTERN. If seller should reappear with an acceptable explanation, this warning will be removed. - ST

Hi everyone. I used to be on the old Mak board, and I think I was here briefly after that board shut down, but I had to re-register here. I used to just go by Lauer. I have a small cache of some uncommon and some rare items to liquidate, since I no longer have the weapons these items accompanied or would have accompanied.

If you live in the Central Ohio area, or are willing to drive to meet me, we could do a face to face transaction if desired. I live on the west edge of Columbus, OH.

As far as (possible) trades: I'm currently looking for a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 carbine in 9mm Luger. The Sig P226 pistol mag version is my preferred choice, but I could change the magazine catch on any NON-Glock model with a call to Kel-Tec (or so I'm told) so I think any non-glock magazine model could work for me as well, depending on how much you want for yours and it's condition. Accessories to fit a Sub 2000 carbine may be considered as part of a trade, depending on if I think I would use them. Also, accessories for a Sig Sauer P226 pistol (standard config, no rail on the frame) may be considered. A threaded barrel, depending on condition, could be a possibility. Other items may be considered. As far as ammo, see the descriptions in the ammo sections. I might trade any item(s) below for 9mm Para ammo, depending on type of 9mm Para. Just ask.

I don't know if this kind of detail is necessary as far as a personal selling/trading statement, but I figure stating this stuff before I start hocking my wares is better than not stating it. Sorry if this wastes a couple minutes of your time. Just think how much time it took me to "lawyer-ize" my thoughts and put them all down coherently :)
The first person to post interest in an item (or items), *in this thread*, gets first consideration for that item (or items), regardless of the order of e-mails received, etc. Therefore, post the name or item #(s), and quantity(ies) if necessary, for which you are interested here *first*. Then send me an e-mail with any question(s) you may have or to exchange information. If you don't want something after communicating with me, I will simply inform the rest of the possible buyers that the item(s) in question are still available. If any deal falls through, the next person to post (or to already have posted) his/her interest in that item, *in this thread*, will move to the top of the list for purchasing that item. I must, however, reserve the right to refuse to sell any item to anyone, for any reason. My reason does not have to be expressed. This is just to cover my tailbone. If you are an adult (or, at least, can communicate like one), and you are on the "up and up", I'm sure we can do business.

The buyer of any item(s) will choose the shipping company and method (ground, express, etc) to be used, and pay actual shipping cost(s) on any item(s) purchased. Fed Ex, UPS and USPS are all OK, AFAIK. I will not break any laws or corporate rules to get cheaper shipping prices for you, though. I didn't bother to look up United States Postal Service rules about shipping ammo. At one time, you couldn't do it, but that was years ago (when I ordered the case of LVE below, probably) and may have changed. I'll probably look it up if anyone requests USPS shipping of ammo, just to cover my aforementioned anatomical area. All packages will have their contents revealed to the shipper on requested and I won't argue if they refuse to ship anything - we'll just have to find another way to get it to you or cancel the sale if another method isn't agreeable to you. Purchasing multiple items at the same time will (obviously) save you on shipping costs, since I will be able to pack all of your items into one container. I will pack all items safely and securely. I will use whatever packaging materials I feel are necessary to protect your items (heavy cardboard boxes, foam pads, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, strong tape, padded envelopes, etc) but accidents do happen. I will not be held responsible if your package is lost, damaged or stolen in transit. I ***highly*** recommend buying insurance for your purchase(s).

Thank you,
Dan Lauer ( [email protected] )

P.S. I can't take any personal checks or credit cards. I'm not incorporated. Anything else will probably be OK. I do have a PayPal account, but I haven't used it in a couple of years. It is still active, because I just checked it. I don't know what their fee structure is now so I did not take PayPal fees into consideration in my pricing below. If you need to go that route (you don't want to wait for a cashier's check to get to me, or whatever) then I'll have to add a few % to your overall bill to cover that overhead. I'll be fair about applyling a PayPal fee. But I don't feel like looking up what they charge right now.

Thanks for your patience. Hopefully, you guys will feel the long post is worth it if you find something good below. I would likely keep it all, if I still had the guns. Good luck and good hunting...


Item #1)

1,050 (one thousand & fifty) rounds of LVE (Low Voltage Equipment) Russian "green box" 95 grain non-corrosive 9x18 Mak ammo.

Twenty one boxes (50 rounds in each box) packed in original O.D. green painted metal "spam can". The can was opened (by me) for inspection after delivery about 3 years ago. This has been reported, by many, to be clean burning, reliable and consistent ammo for Maks. I never had a chance to shoot any of it before the theft of my IJ-70. I will sell this ammo for $250.00 / 1,050 rounds (entire case), $130.00 / 500 rounds (10 boxes), $27.50 / 100 rounds (2 boxes) or $14.00 / 50 rounds (1 box) + actual shipping/insurance costs. [I may also consider a trade for a similar amount (somewhere in the neighborhood of a case) of modern manufacture 9mm Parabellum ammo (+P FMJ and/or *some* subsonic FMJ (a couple hundred rounds and some other stuff too, or cash) are my preferred choices, but other 9mm Para choices may be considered. The number of rounds to trade is negotiable, based on the value you feel is fair for your 9mm Para rounds and whether we can come to an agreement). Any other items listed below may be included in any trade offers as well, if desired, as long as they aren't already taken. 9mm Para is the only caliber I currently need. Please no Wolf 9 mm Para offers. Sorry, but it takes me twice as long to clean my gun if I shoot Wolf in any kind of quantity.]

Item #2)

151 (one hundred fifty one) rounds of Norinco (Chinese) non-corrosive 9x18 Mak ammo.

50 rounds are in the original green box and 101 rounds are loose. $37.50 / 151 rounds + actual shipping/insurance costs.

Item #3)

38 (thirty eight) rounds of Hornady Custom XTP (eXtreme Terminal Performance) Jacketed Hollow Point 95 grain non-corrosive 9x18 Makarov ammo.

Two original boxes (25 rounds in one box & 13 rounds in the other box). The boxes were written on with Sharpie marker, and subsequently crossed out (keeping track of my cocktail round count). The brass on these is reloadable. $22.00 / 38 rounds + actual shipping/insurance costs.

Item #4)

42 (forty two) rounds of TCW (Tula Cartridge Works) 109 grain non-corrosive 9x18 Mak ammo.

White box with indigo ink printing. This is 109 grain ammo (green metal cases) even though it was boxed in a 100 grain box. The last "0" in "100 GR" was overwritten, in ink pen, with a "9". I've heard it suggested that there was a shortage of boxes in the plant because there have been a few of these reported on discussion boards in the past. I shot 8 rounds of it, just for fun and to see how it shoots, a few years ago. It's nice and snappy. I used to mix it with the Hornaday (above) in a "cocktail" magazine. As we all know, a good condition Mak will feed and fire almost anything, combined or straight up. This may be a little smoky, and it is said to have been the precursor to modern Wolf ammo, although I am unaware if Wolf makes a 109 grain Mak load. It certainly will wake you up compared to a standard 95 grain FMJ. $12.00 / 42 rounds + actual shipping/insurance costs.

Item #5)

70 (seventy) rounds of CCI Blazer 95 grain non-corrosive 9x18 Mak ammo (FMJ or TMJ, I'm not sure if there is copper on the base of the bullet on these - I don't have a box to reference).

Aluminum cased. Loose, not in boxes. $17.50 / 70 rounds + actual shipping/insurance costs.
(Notes on ammo above: Loose lots of ammo will be packaged in a zip-closure freezer bag, or something similar, and different types will be kept separate. If anyone wants to grab a large chunk of 9x18 ammo in one swoop, I can cut the price a little. If you buy at least 500 rounds I'll take 3% off your total ammo charge, and I'll take 6% off if you buy at least 1000 rounds (non-ammo items will not be eligible for either offer). The listed prices are what I would like to get, though, for quantities less than 500 rounds. My reasoning is that I'll be doing packaging and/or legwork to get it to you - whether shipping it or meeting you in person. Plus, it took me something like a zillion hours to write this post. OK, I realize that's my fault :) )

Item #6)

Five (5) CATCo +2 Makarov Magazine Extensions.

These hard black plastic magazine extensions replace the floorplate of, and add 2 rounds of extra capacity to, standard (single stack) Makarov magazines. These particular ones were never installed and are in new condition. I believe that these are extremely hard/almost impossible to find, since they haven't been manufactured for a long time, AFAIK (if I am mistaken, I apologize, and I should probably cut the prices). I have heard that these extensions ***may*** require some minor filing/sanding (beveling) of their upper edge to allow the magazines to fit properly in the magazine well of a Mak. I am unsure of this since these were never installed. However, please do keep this possibility in mind if you are not the "handy" type. No refunds for any reason, since they are new and unadulterated. I purchased these from years ago and they're still in the same padded envelope. $12.50 each, $24.oo/pair, $33.00/three or $50.00 for all five + actual shipping/insurance costs.

Item #7)

One (1) hard black plastic checkered IJ-70 Makarov grip, 8 round version

This grip set was removed from my IJ-70 pistol in 1996, before it was ever fired, and replaced by a Pearce rubber grip. This grip has a metal lanyard loop on the lower left side. The imprinted lettering says "Baikal" on the lower left side and "Made in Russia" on the lower right side. A five-pointed star is molded into each side. There is a slight rub/blemish/haze on the smooth (left side) thumb area, but it isn't very noticible and was there when the pistol was purchased (NIB). It could be buffed out if it bothers you. Includes slotted head grip screw. $8.00 + actual shipping/insurance costs.

Item #8)

(I think I remember that it's OK to post CZ-52 items, but it didn't say so specifically in the sticky, so if they are no longer allowed to be sold here someone let me know and I'll delete this...)

One (1) CZ-52 mag spring
One (1) CZ-52 mag floorplate
Two (2) grip panels (one full set)
One (1) hold open catch lever (OEM/flat version - no thumb tab)

The grip panels were spray painted (black) on the outsides due to the fibrous material "molting" a bit. The inside surfaces were left unpainted, because those surfaces are still smooth and glossy. They are plenty solid and servicible, but aren't "pretty" on the outside. They are better than they looked when the were shedding cardboard-ish stuff from inside their grooves. I was going to spray these again with rubberized paint or put stick-on moleskin on them (comes in different colors and camo patterns) as an experiment, but I ended up ordering a new set from when I was buying some Mak stuff years ago. If you want a set of grips to use as a project base, these should serve fine since they are structurally sound. The spring and floorplate came from a magazine that I could never quite get to feed the last round consistently due to the magazine body having been bent or warped before I got it (I made it worse by messing with it and also ruined the follower). I can't absolutely vouch for the magazine spring, since I ruined the magazine body and follower and never used the spring while firing live ammo, but it should be OK since it was the body of the magazine that was pinching the follower and not allowing the spring to push all the way up to the top. It worked fine in one of my "new old stock" magazine bodies (that wasn't all warped) while diagnosing the problem. $8.00 + actual shipping/insurance costs for the whole lot, or I can part it out if you really don't want something.

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I guess the original post is so long the server won't let me edit it :/ I hope it shows up Ok for viewers.

Anyway, I wanted to add that if anyone has a threaded extended Sig P226 9mm barrel they want to trade (probably a low chance, but anyway...) I'd need a written confirmation of the transfer, just in case the barrel was later determined to have been used in something nefarious. Doesn't have to be certified or anything. Something handwritten should suffice I would think.

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Lauer, I remember you from Karl's old board!

I had to re-register when I came here too. Now I'm a noob again :(
Yeah, I remember you too emerz. I think I actually ended up registering on gunboards twice. Either b/c they changed something early on or I forgot my login because I was gone for too long - I'm not sure which. Good to hear from you again bud.

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Ammo pricing update

I can't edit the original post, for whatever reason. It just sits and spins! Anyway, I'm lowering prices on all ammo. Base prices will be dropped by 15%, across the board, and all ammo will still be eligible for the 3% and 6% bulk discount.

For example, the new price for the 1,050 round case of LVE will be $199.75 + shipping ($250.00 - 15% ($37.50) = $212.50 - 6% ($12.75) = $199.75). If the only item you wanted was the 38 rounds of Hornaday XTP, your cost would be $18.70 + shipping ($22.00 - 15% ($3.30) = $18.70).

I know that's still not a "steal", but I'm going to keep these offerings at this level for a while. 9x18 is getting harder to find in a lot of places (I think LVE is practically non-existent, stateside), and prices are rising, so we'll see if these prices produce any interest here. Being unemployed, even a little bit helps. Thanks. DL.

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I figure it might be easier just to list all the new prices for ammo types. All ammo is still eligible for a bulk discount (additional 3% discount for 500+ rounds purchased, additional 6% discount for 1000+ rounds purchased):

Item #1) LVE

1,050 rounds = 199.75 + shipping (already includes a 6% additional discount)

500 rounds = 107.19 + shipping (already includes a 3% additional discount)

100 rounds = 23.38 + shipping

50 rounds = 11.90 + shipping

Item #2) NORINCO

151 rounds = 31.86 + shipping

Item #3) Hornaday XTP (Hollow Point)

38 rounds = 18.70 + shipping

Item #4) TCW

42 rounds = 10.20 + shipping

Item #5) CCI Blazer

70 rounds = 14.88 + shipping

Hope this helps for your holiday ammo needs.

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Item #6

Do any of the forum users who have responded to Dan's offers know how to get in contact with him? I have tried the e-mail & PM route and can get no response from him. I sent him a CC and it has not been cashed yet. I am concerned he has fallen ill or worse has happened to him. Please post replies on this thread if you know anything about him.

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