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I bought my 2007 Roketa DB-05 from a Mansfield, Ohio dealer in later May. It has roughly 650 miles or apprx. 990 KM's (Speedo is MPH, odometer is KM's) It's the electric blue and in fairly nice shape. I can honestly say I have had absolutely NO problems what-so-ever with it. It's never been laid down or wrecked or damaged at all. It has disk brkae in front and rear. 5 Speed manual transmission. Electric or kick start. Dirt style tires which actually ride fairly smooth on the street. I bought it to ride back and forth to work and maybe some light trail riding. It has only been on roads and my flat back yard for idiot practice (me) I swapped the plug out as soon as I got it NGK and changed the oil with Castrol 10w-40. I also built a little expanded metal rack for the factory rack to make a sturdier lunchbox rack. I have it held on with three wingnuts for easy on/off if wanted. here is a smaller contoured rack under that made out of plastic, that looks nicer, but less functional for what I wanted. I was averaging about 75 mpg from my conversions figures. These Chinese motors are sturdy push rod engines, only negatives I ever see is the frames are a little soft. Ok with street/trail riding, but not strong enough for jumping and rough riding. I usually cruise around at about 45-55 mph without any problems at all. At 55+ up to 60-63 or so it is really whining!! It will do it if you need, but I wouldn't recommend it for any sustained time though. Beats the heck out of a 15 yr old Jap bike that has been beat to heck!

The only reason I am selling is because I was a nervous mess riding it to work in the wee hours of the morning with the deer running in front of me and I cant justify keeping it around all winter to sell in the spring! My shift starts at 5:00 a.m., so it's always DARK when I leave! Half the time it's foggy on top of that!! I have two boys I need to raise and it's not worth it to me to save a little $$ on gas and be terrified the whole time.

I have a clear Ohio MOTORCYCLE title. This bike is a street legal dirt bike titled as a "MOTORYCLE" in Ohio. Located in Berlin Center, Ohio (near Youngstown). I could deliver up to 100 miles if you cant ride and cant pick it up for a nominal fee (you buy my gas at 17 mpg! Or I'll ride it to your location and you drive me back home in your vehicle!!!

Price lowered to $900 CASH, $935 PAYPAL Bike traded, thanks

TRADES: I am looking for a RRA DCM Match AR15 as a possible trade. I want a flat top and stainless barrel, basically one of the "out of the box" match rifles they make. I would discuss another model of a RRA AR as long as it's 2 stage RRA trigger. Would consider ANY other brand DCM Match type AR's even fixed carry handles if the right make and set up, thanks

Email direct at [email protected] with any questions
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