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Interesting rifle that was taken off Iwo Jima by a U.S. Marine Flame Thrower Operator... I did not buy it directly from the vet but I did get it from the guy who purchased it from him...
The story was short but I believe it 100%, the vet stated he had assualted a cave with his Flame Thrower and heard shots from inside the cave, he later went back to the cave and found a number deceased Japanese soldiers that had commited suicide with their rifles, he picked up this rifle and shipped it home and then sold it to the person I bought it from at a show in Princeton New Jersey back in the mid 90's...

The rifle is a Nagoya series 3 which has a reworked bolt, the rifles serial # is 33904, the bolt body was originally numbered 998 but was renumbered to 904 and all the bolts internals are the original 904 numbered parts... Looks to me that the guns original bolt was damaged so it was replaced with a later model bolt that was renumbered to the gun, the stock also shows evidence of being held in a vice which a lot of the reworked rifles were, I'm sure the Japanese were using everything they had by that time... The rifle also shows strong evidence of being exposed to high heat as the buttstock area is charred black and the varnished finish is burned and krinkled all along the guns length... Very neat gun with a tragic but historic past... I hate to sell this one but I really need the money to fund something else... Must ship to FFL, RIFLE IS SPF TO ARDITI... Please email me directly at [email protected] if you have any questions... Thanks for looking !!!
BTW: The bore is of course chrome lined and is still in excellent condition...
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