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The bills are piling up and I want to go deer hunting this fall. I have to sell something dear. The muzzle cover is mint with grease on it but a few smal rust spots or dried grease. It is really nice and I want $650 for it.
The type 97 scope is for a Kokura and the number is 7979 higher then my version of MROJ shows but not much. It is missing the reticle and was assembled wrong the tube is rotated about 100 degrees out of where it should be. I think it merly needs to be taken apart and put back together with the markings up. I have heard there are repop reticles available. I want $700 for this.
I would in the past have used ebay but I am still so upset at them about not allowing most gun parts that I am trying to move to Gunbroker.
If these do not sell I will list them on Gunbroker.
Shipping will be $10 on either.
$1300 for both if you want both.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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