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I have a partial gun I picked up several years ago...
I would like to sell the parts off but am reluctant to sell the barreled receiver because it may require a FFL transfer and is probably not worth it. If someone local to NW Arkansas wants to do a FTF, that is an option.
The receiver is Koshikawa (about 1913) S/N 843,716 'B' on bbl, w/assembly #107

I have a complete Bolt with the number 415 on it I would like $110 shipped (Conus) for the bolt (Bolt is SPF)
Prices for the following are OBO or trade.
I also have a complete trigger/sear assy ($25) #107
also a stock with very little hardware ($35) - don't know if it has been messed with or not.
as for the barreled action.. I would take $40 for FTF just to get rid of it. if you want to pay S&H + FF fees then OK.

Since I don't frequent this site, if interested contact me at [email protected]
you can check my rep as Harrier on or as 125JHP on
thanks, Al

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