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Hi everyone new to this forum so i figured i would try these here first before the next show if you have any ?? please PM me,,Thanks,Bill
first off is a beutiful type 38 carbine ,,All matching , ground,, blueing is 90% or better wood is super nice a nagoya series 4 ,, all parts that are supposed to be straw colored are bolt is polished serial #30499 also has an original sling which is a little narrower than most but nonetheless is original Jap. underside of barrel has some slight pitting that is the only minor problem if that is what you want to call it that ...bore is perfect asking $450
type 99 2nd series nagoya , ground ,, all matching,, and in super nice shape probably 95% on blueing wood is like a honey brown color (not sanded) all marks are present ,,has dings and dents nothing serious,,No goodies though,,Just a super nice condition 99,,,$240
type 99 Kokura 23rd series,, ground,, all matching ,, front lug has been banged around some,,Not fooled with in anyway,,No goodies either,,Blueing rates at 85% or better wood is nice with few scrapes nothing major $250

Will have a concentric circle up 4-sale soon also,,Nice
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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