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Thought I put on here first, there seemed to be an interest from forum members on a Series 37 with info posted on board recently.

Have a total of 24 photos, Gunboards allows you 12, so if anyone really interested I can send you more.

This Tokyo Juki Kogyo seems to be original, although someone really seems to have really had a tough time getting the screws off, too bad they didn't know they were staked. Other than that, and a few gouges on the butt, the rifle is in decent shape. Nice chatter on the stock, numbers are hard to make out on the bolt parts, but they all look to match. Mum is untouched and also comes with original rod and the stock has the inspection marks still there.

Lower production numbers, and scarcity of a mummed and matching T99's makes the price hard to set. Asking $450 shipped and insured. Any or all offers please send directly to my e-mail address: [email protected]
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