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I am trying to thin the herd a bit. I am a serious WWII collector and to obtain certain guns through the years I was interested in I have had to buy lots that included firearms beyond my preferred genre. Some of these are very desirable and scarce. With the exception of the Mauser HSC, all have no import marks and have come out of some very old collections from estate sales. I am open to sale, or trade. I will take personal checks (item will ship after check clears) USPS money order, Venmo, discreet PayPal. Buyer will pay actual shipping costs, I will pay insurance. All local and national laws apply. I am a private seller but will send directly to FFL dealer as allowed by law. First "I'll take it" that completes the transaction will get the firearm.

Here is what I have. Hopefully, there is something you need:
  1. M3A1 Grease Gun Resin Display; new in box, I bought this from IMI for $140 plus shipping, they are rarely in stock. $85 shipped anywhere in USA. SPF
  2. ATI STG-44 ,22 LR in crate, nice new repro sling, never been fired, Pictures below $525
  3. S&W Mod 53, .22 jet magnum/,22 LR with inserts. 1961 mfg. 6" barrel, 90%+ looks to have been fired very little. Revolver looks much better in person, than the pictures. no box. $975 scroll below for more pictures.
  4. WWI Luger; Mauser 1918 British capture, 100% all matching including magazine 85% condition Sold
  5. WWI Webley & Scott Pistol Auto Loading .455 Mark I, naval contract, 96%+ condition, super nice $2,200 Now $1,900 scroll all the way down for pictures.
  6. WWI Savage 1917 pistol, .380 ACP mostly in brown patina but very solid SOLD
  7. Mauser 1914/34 pistol 7.65 Scandinavian police contract, 98%+ condition SOLD
  8. WWII Beretta 1934 9mm k; all original solid 90% condition example SOLD
  9. CZ 50, 7.65mm pistol; no import marks 95%+ condition just a little holster wear SOLD
  10. Mauser HSC pistol (Interarms) 9mm kurtz, LNIB 100%, looks to be never fired, in perfect condition original box with factory target, manuals etc. Sold
  11. Ivers Johnson .32 revolver, nickel, 99%+ all original Sold
  12. Winchester 97 remodeled with cut down barrel and old trench gun handguard SOLD
Things I am still looking for are the following:

All must be WWII Vintage, No Import Marks

  1. Original WII holsters for all Nambu pistols
  2. WWII Mauser HSC; 90%+ condition
  3. Sauer Model 38h pistol; 90%+ condition, rigs a plus
  4. Japanese Type 26 revolver; 80%+ condition, rigs a plus, early arsenal rebuilds are fine
  5. Astra 600 Nazi contract; 90%+ condition, rigs a plus
  6. WWII Walther PPK pistol; 90%+ condition, rigs a plus
  7. Finn Mosin Nagant rifles; 80%+
  8. Ortgies pistols; 92%+ conditions, rigs a plus
  9. Lahti L-35 pistols; 90%+
  10. WWII Lee Enfield #5 rifle
  11. WWII Helmets; repo's or original
I am willing to trade “wholesale to wholesale” or “retail to retail”, your choice.

Thank you for looking and your consideration.

Welby Scott
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As requested a few more Luger pictures. My apologies for the bore pictures as I have still not figured out the best way to take them. I would rate the bore a 7+/10.

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