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I have a very nice matching Nagoya 8th for sale. Serial number is 26457. Mum is ground. It retains the welded peep rear site that is seen only in the late 7th series and used up to 35k+/- in the 8th series.
The metal would rate about 90%, I think the bore is very good, will check later. The wood is excellent, but has been nicely refinshed by the past owner. Proofs are still readable though.
I have upgraded to another 8th with same features so time to move this one.
I would like 190.00 shipped via US Post to lower 48 states. Open to other trades such as other arisaka's. Looking for a nice 10th, which I will throw cash into the deal. Offers are welcome.
Photos are not shot at this point, will try to have some tomorrow.
Need a copy of signed FFL or C and R, Would prefer payment via US postal order.
Thanks, Jeff
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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