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Have to abandon this project build I started several years ago.

Purchased one of those limited run UK-59 heavy machine gun barrels that were threaded to fit a Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle. I then bought a complete Mosin hex receiver/action with bolt from Gunbroker so I didn't butcher or bubba an intact rifle. Had a gunsmith install the barrel and did a Mosin PU bent bolt conversion. The gunsmith had a spare Mosin stock to use as the temporary stock for test firing. Rifle functions fine but has no iron sights or optics installed.

Now for the stuff you have to do to finish it. The barrel has not been lathed to remove the original UK-59 contours. The original sight base crevice is still there. The reason I did not have it lathed was because the gunsmith I sent it to did not have a lathe to provide the service. Secondly you'd need a custom stock to put it in since the barrel is too thick for the original surplus stocks. Lastly you need to install optics, whether it be a PU or PEM repro or whatever you want.

Asking $600 + shipping. It is VERY HEAVY. Hard case in photos NOT INCLUDED. I could cut down shipping costs and remove the sliced Mosin stock to shorten the package length and just send the complete action if you prefer no stock. More photos available upon request. The Mosin patterned UK-59 barrels are all gone and this would be a great chance to do a Mosin Heavy Barrel build.




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