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WTS: Slings, AK Mags, Pistol Mags, Bayonets, Pouches, Tools - Lot's O' Stuff!

For Sale:

Original Mosin Nagant dog collar slings, Finnish surplus, originally Russian slings Leather dog collars are new replacements, but very good quality. Slings with just Finn SA mark, $20 each. Slings with no visible mark, $15 each, delivered.

Repro sling for Type 38 Arisaka - $30

Repro sling for Type 99 Arisaka $30

Repro sling for 98k Mauser - $30

Reprp sling for WWI GEW Mauser - $30

Repro frog for 98k bayonet - $10

Repro bayonet for Enfield #5 Jungle Carbine - $60

Repro leather sling for 03 Springfield - $30

Repro leather Sling for early WWII Garand - $30

US M-14 Combo Tool - US made original. $10 each, delivered.

Original cleaning rods for the Spanish M1916 Mausers. Very good to fine condition. $15 delivered.

Enfield No 4 Mk I spike bayonets with scabbard, Savage marked. Have several of the large S in box, about 4 or 5 of the small s, and one of the large S not in box. $25 each, delivered.

Small quantity of the French Model 36 sings, early dark brown colored, prior to the nasty mustard brown type. Average good to very good condition. $15 each.

Found more of the deep green web AK style slings for Egyptian Maddi AK (also Rashid carbine) $15 each delivered.

Enfield tubular oilers, brown to black bakelite type, and some clear ones. WWII vintage. $5 each.

Action covers for G3, CETME or similar semi auto. New condition, canvas with velcro seal over. $25 each

Swedish Mauser bayonet frogs, $5 each

Italian Black leather pistol holster. Like new condition, looks like for a Berreta 9mm. Spare mag pouch on front, nice belt hanger arrangement. Stamp inside flap looks like "Bassi Alberto & Faesta - Polizia" $30 each.

Holster, Belgian Surplus. Heavy green canvas with black leather interior, made for Hi Power 9mm. Some of the Belgian holsters have a blue ink stamp on the inside of the flap with "RLD" over "1952", and I saw one that was stamped "ABL". These are a gray canvas exterior with a black (some are brown) leather lined interior, with an internal spare mag pocket. These post war holsters are from the early 1950s era when Belgium was ramping up their rearmament, introducing the FN49 rifle. I have also seen copies of Enfield rifle slings marked ABL-1952 that were issued with the FN49 rifles. Used, very good condition. $25 each.

Pistol cleaning rods - Spanish surplus. Issued with Astra and Star 9mm Largo and 9mm Parabellum pistols. $12 each.

Single cell leather ammo pouch, Mauser, likely Bulgarian. Very good to fine condition (about 50 available). $5 each, delivered.

CZ52 holsters - very good to like new condition. $10 each, delivered.
Holster dates:
Brand new, undated - many

CZ52 Pistol Cleaning Rods. Original Czech Mil. cleaning rod that goes in the holster. $3 each

CZ 82/83 Police holsters, very heavy bull leather black police type. Very good condition, $15 each, delivered.

Holster for Yugo M57 Tokarev, very good condition, $30 delivered.

Swiss K-31 slings good to very good condition, $20 each, delivered. Dates available as of 8/15/12: (Ask about dates: will need to check to see if still available)


French Model 48 black leather holster (fits many large frame autos) $25


Russian War expediant slings. Web sling with leather ends (pig leather) and ties. $10 each, delivered.

Canvas slings, wide, with leather end pieces. Israeli marked - not sure of use. $10 each, delivered.

Green web sling for Spanish FR-7 and FR-8 rifles, very good condition. $15 each

New Chinese SKS web slings with leather tab ends $6 2 or more $5 each!

Other type Yugo Mauser slings, non-buttstock variety. Used with 24/47 and Mohen 24 rifles. Leather with studs at both ends. Good general sling useful for many rifles. Good to very good condition $10

Spanish M1916 black leather sling, new condition but stiff from long storage. $15 each

Spanish M1916 muzzle cover, black metal, very good condition $5 each

SPECIAL: Spanish M1916 black leather sling plus muzzle cover, $18 delivered!

Spanish M93 Mauser brass muzzle cover $10 each

East German rain pattern camo AK47 mag pouch, good condition $7

AK47 blank firing device $5

Leather double pouches, used, good condition. $8 each, 2 to 5 $6 each, 5 or more $5 each.

Correct 7 rd. single stack 9mm Largo magazine for the Spanish Destroyer carbine. $10.00 each

Magazines for the Spanish WWI Ruby type pistol. These are the 9 round 32acp mags. They are manufacturer coded (example "AK" for Alkartasuna) I have various maker codes, will try to match your needs. $15 each

Enfield No. 4 Mk. 1 spike bayonet with metal sheath. Have a couple dozen of these, various makers marks and styles. $15 each
P.S.K. (4 of these)
N.67 (3 of these)

WTS: Books and Magazines! Deutsches Waffen-Journal, Gun Digest
This is an unusual opportunity to acquire a hard to get set of magazines - the German published "Deutsches Waffen-Journal". These magazines are full of great info and articles - especially if you can read German. I have the complete sets issued for 1970, 1971, and 1972, each year bound into a blue colored binder with the DWJ monogram.

1970 - $125 delivered
1971 - $125 delivered
1972 - $125 delivered

WTS: AK47 Drum Pouches, European
This is the European style AK drum pouch - form fitted for the slant sided type drum. Green web material with burgundy colored leather strap components. Not for the Chinese or Korean style drum. Very good condition, $5 each, plus shipping. I am guessing these are Romanian, based on the color of the leather pieces. Probably about $3 shipping CONUS for one pouch, for more than one pouch, check for shipping. A lot of them available.

All prices include shipping to the lower 48 states.

Obviously, based on the PMs I get, this is being missed. So, I am now increasing font size:

I am not a business, so don't do credit cards. Also, I do not like the anti-gun politics of PayPal, and no longer do business through those scumbags. I accept personal checks, money orders, or cash. Just put a first class stamp on the envelope and mail it! If you want photos - well, I am not doing that anymore. My photo skills are not the greatest, and I can't take very good shots. Besides, I am sick and tired of digging stuff out, setting it up trying to get a half way decent shot, photoshoping into an email size format, emailing it to someone ---- and that is it. No response, no "Thank you very much" no "screuw you", etc. So my policy is, no photos, if you don't trust me, go elsewhere. YES, I HAVE BECOME THE SOUP NAZI!!!!!!

Will also consider trades for Spanish handguns -

or Destroyer carbines -

or Spanish Mausers --

or Spanish militaria (pouches, slings, medals, etc.)

PM here or email me.

[email protected] (Note - this is a new email address)

Brand new Makarov holsters, Bulgarian. Just the right size for about any compact 32 or 380ACP semiauto. $10 each, delivered!

Have available some M31 Finnish slings. These are the green leather type used on the Suomi, and also serve well on the M39. I have the square buckle green ones for $10 delivered, and a few of the more rare oval buckle ones for $25.

001.JPG 002.jpg 003.JPG

Inspected and approved by Fat Lazy Beagle, Inc.

German GS (H&K) slings, BRAND NEW unissued. $10 each! Useful on many types of rifles! HK, CETME, AK47, etc.


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011.JPG 009.jpg 007.jpg 005.JPG 003.JPG - these are the expedient slings.

008.jpg 009.jpg 007.jpg
Replica German GEW sling

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.JPG
Replica 1903 Springfield sling (Hoyt 1917)

004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg
Replica k98 sling

010.jpg 011.jpg 012.JPG
Replica WWII M1 Garand Sling (Milsco 1944)

013.JPG 014.jpg 015.jpg
Replica M38 Arisaka sling

016.jpg 017.JPG 018.jpg
Replica M99 Arisaka sling

001.JPG 002.jpg 003.JPG

Just got in a new pile of the Russian Expedient war time slings! Still the same price!

Finnish Dog Collar Mosin Nagant slings. The leather dog collars are new replicas, slings original. The SA stamp no longer visible. For those with no visible stamps, $15 each. Stripper clips are sold out.

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Bob, tried to send you an email pertaining to the purchase of one Russian expedient sling and one Yugo sling. Mailer demon would not deliver it...Larry me when you get a chance

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Canvas slings, wide, with leather end pieces. Israeli marked - not sure of use. $10 each, delivered.--qty (1)
Russian War expediant slings. Web sling with leather ends (pig leather) and ties. $10 each, delivered.--qty (3)
I'll take both Ruissian slings with strap on one end and nothing on the other pictured with the HK slings. Especially one with D ring.

Bob shoot me the mailing address via PM so I can send a check right out. I'll need the cost on the Russian slings

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BTT Felix - note my new email address in the post above. Do not try to email through the boards, it still has my old email address.

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Check with me on availability of items. I need to redo the list at some point when I can find the time.
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