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I'm selling this pistol because I want to reduce the number of calibers in my collection. My asking price is $375, plus shipping. For this you will get:

1. The Bulgarian Makarov in 9x18 shown below. It has Novak Lo-Mount 3-dot sights (not night sites), Pierce grips, a 19-lb. Wolf recoil spring, and a Molycoat finish which is showing wear around the muzzle, on the slide stop, and a bit on the front of the grip frame. This pistol is in excellent condition. I have never experienced a failure to fire or failure to feed and it is very accurate.

2. Three holsters including:
a. Bianchi Professional 100, size 10. Perfect fit if you see the Bianchi catalog.
b. Fobus for the Mak.
c. Bulgarian original military holster with tool.

3. Magazine loader.

4. 3 8-round magazines and 1 7-round magazine, all of which perfectly.

5. More than 250 rounds of 9x18 ammunition ranging all the way from Hornady jacketed hollow points (95 grain) to assorted Russian stuff up to 115 grains.
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