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SOLD I bought this collection from a fellow who said his father had been a crewman on a Navy PBJ (B-25 ground attack).
The bayonet was cut in two by shrapnel, and only the upper half is present.
Four pieces of shrapnel are included that were stored in the very battered film canister (gun camera film?)
The Japanese mess kit lid has clear makers marks inside, and what appear to be kanji characters scratched on the outside. There are so many other scratches that I could not get a clear photo.

I have no idea what island or battlefield this stuff may have come from, except that it was in the Pacific. I believe that the PBJ didn't get used by the Navy until late 1943, so that may narrow it down.

I would like $50 shipped SOLD USPS Priority Mail for the whole lot. The first email with "I'll take it" gets it.
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