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Have two Imperial German swords, engraved blades one is named,neither sword has been sharpened or hefurbished in any manner, original finishes, both saber style, descriptions follow the photo order.

1. 1st picture top saber
Imperial; officers saber, probably dating 1900 to 1914, Train officers, Weyerberg, engraved blade both sides, right side has engraved the unit, train bat. no.10, guard has 10.t.b.2, 113. 1., hand grip probably a ray skin, scabbard marked same at the top of the throat, also named on the right side see photo, comes with the saber knots pictured, the finish is a nickle, some marring onn the blade and scabbard, blade tip present, no rust no pitting..........$450.00 plus post

2. Imperial officers saber Cav possible ,parade type, dating probably 1900 to 1914, blade ebgraved both side same motife, engraveing has In Treue Fest in scroll work both sides, no names small chip in blade edge not been sharpened, maker WK&C, scabbard black japaned, not refinished, blade tip present , nickle finish on blade and guard, not been rehabed or cleaned, orignal finish....$350.00 plus post
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