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Up first is a very nice hand select 1937 91/30 IZZY. This is not a crappy war 91/30 that is rough and a dime a dozen. This one was made in 1937 and is very smooth. Bore is Very strong, a little dark, but not bad at all. A great shooter and only going for $79+25 bucks shipping bucks. Why buy something you can't see and take a risk?

Next we have a truly Beautiful Laminated M38. This is the nicest one I have ever seen. You are sure to get all the looks with this gun at the gun range. Gun is a 1942 Izzy. Bore is kinda shiney, but will be very shiney after some clean up. No cracks, dings, or scratches that I can see. No Pitting and just an overall nice gun. What a deal for only $154

Third I am selling a nice hand select K98. Shinney bore and good stock. No NAZI stamp outs by the Russians. $295

For ammo I am selling:
Heavy ball Bulgrian 52.99 bucks a tin 300 rounds a tin
Light ball Bulgrian 52.99 bucks a tin 300 rounds a tin
NAZI stamped 8X56r 14.29 bucks a box. 10 rounds a box
Yugo 8mm 50's only 4.95 for a box of 15
Yugo 8mm 70's only 5.95 for a box of 15
Greek 30.06 Ammo of M1 clips 90 bucks for a tin of 192 rounds
Wolf .223 7.99 a box

All prices do not include shipping

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Would help to list as set shipping price, or actual shipping price, Something, It slows buying time when you have to PM, email, or post questions about shipping. What cal is the ammo, how many rounds in tin or spam can? How many rnds per box, most of us know it's 10 rnds on the Nazi 8x56mm, Just a suggestion, not to offend you, thought you might want to know!!!!!!! M M
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