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Selling this to clear up funds for other goodies.. Its a 1961 marked
Makarov mod. M 9X18mm Ernst Thaelmann Germany G.P. TRAD St. Alb. Vt on the right side in very small script.. I rate it to be 95% or better with holster wear (East German not mine). It has a set of checkered bubinga marschal grips on it but will include a set of east german grips along with the bulgarian black plastic ones that it came with. You decide which ones you want and feel free to sell the others if you so choose. 8 east german magazines will be included along with approx. 400 rds. of barnaul and american eagle 9X18.. Original EG holster along with a Triple K Barrio holster that I got from will be thrown in as well.. Email [email protected] for pics or questions..

---$450.00 Shipped to your FFL.. *******************SPF***********************
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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