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Up for sale is my well used, well loved Pre-B CZ-75.

I bought it two years ago and have used it bi-weekly ever since, even carrying it on occasion.

This is a former Czech Police trade in from the Ostrava Province of the Cz, what this means for you is perfect mechanical reliability - as these were maintained by an armorer. All bearing surfaces have been used to a point to as where they shine as if polished by hand. The bore is virtually new, shiny and bright with no debris in the grooves. I tried to capture this, but my Canon P&S can't capture it just right. The epoxy finish is worn is a few places, but this is purely cosmetic.

I've put every FMJ (Tul, Fiocchi, S&B, RWS/Geco, Winchester) through it I could buy, and it never hiccuped once. It also feeds JHP reliably as well, as I've put some Hornady Zmax/Crit Def through it as well.

This is a 1992 model, and thus does accept Mec-Gar 16rd magazines just fine. No modifications to the mag well have been performed.

Included is the gun, oem 15rd mag, and spare 16rd mec-gar magazine.

Frightfully accurate, well made, and an interesting piece - this a very fun gun to shoot!

Asking $370 + shipping. This is a handgun, and thus has to be shipped Next Day Air - I cannot eat that cost at this time.

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