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I'm open to any reasonable offers on the Dust Cover and ammo.

WTS- a few Japanese items. All prices include shipping.

Straight guard bayonet. Nice shape with good bluing on the blade, some loss due to the scabbard. This one is a LB-143 Variation D. $80. shipped Sold Pending Funds.

Box of Chinese 6.5 I think, may be 7.7, but I believe it’s the 6.5. Not sure when these were made, but would look Great with your other Japanese ammo. Label on front is just about gone. $50. shipped

Japanese cigarettes. Box is in fair shape and all cigarettes are there. Another good display item. $25. shipped. Sold Pending funds.

Very early type 38 dust cover. Cover is in Great shape. Has a small “S” inside cover.
This one was pictured in Frank Allen Box, “The Type 38 Arisaka”. Not many with this “S” in them. $70. shipped

Brass Dogtag in very nice shape. I think someone told me it says, "Prisoner #622"
$65. shipped. Sold Pending Funds.

Better to email me then PM’s. [email protected]

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