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I need to first preface this post by saying that I am NOT new to the board; I was previously registered for years under the name SirLaffy. I have been out of the gunboard loop for quite some time and noticed that there was a dramatic shift in this board's recent past and my 'glorious' ;) history had been erased! With that out of the way, here's some goodies:

Up for your consideration are (12) 50rd Boxes of Barnaul 95gr FMJ rounds and (1) partially full box of the same containing 28rds. This brings the Barnaul round count to a total of 628 rds.

Also in this lot are (4) 50rd Boxes of Brown Bear 115gr HP rounds and (1) partially full box of the same containing 23 rounds. This brings the Brown Bear round count to a total of 223 rds.

All in all the there are a Grand Total of 851 rounds of 9x18 for your shooting pleasure. The boxes exhibit some wear (worn edges/corners) from transportation but most of their lives have been spent forgotten in the back of my safe. My two Makarovs are soon coming up for sale so I no longer need this ammunition (hence the reason I'm even including my partial boxes. Also check back soon if interested in a Russian military &/or an Arsenal Makarov)!

Price: $135 + Shipping. I prefer Money Order but will also consider personal checks (my apprehension comes from being burned via this method before) so we can discuss this option if you wish.

Shipping: The total weight is 23 lbs and will be shipped from area code 36322 via UPS Ground. Buyer pays actual shipping to be determined (shipping calculator at
If you're in the Fort Rucker/Enterprise/Dothan, Alabama area and want to pick it up then please and by all means we can do that. If you're attending the Montgomery, AL gun show this weekend: even cooler! I am not a dealer of any kind but am a private individual on Active Duty so if there is a 24hr delay or something in my shipping this item please note this possibility up front, as the military is anything but predictable and this translates most directly into my own schedule.

Of course, I must also 'C my A' and include the quick legal script:
Please Do NOT purchase this if you're not legally able to purchase or own this ammunition for any reason.

Thanks and good shooting! :)
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