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Okay, I have too many. Again. Time to get rid of some to make room for more.

I will consider trades, but all I'm really looking for right now is a Pattern 1914 or maybe some variety of old levergun or something. Dunno, really, I'd probably be open to a good offer of just about anything, but I'm not actively in the "I want" for anything specific.

First I'll take it to Vaarok / has first dibs, though feel free to ask for more pictures if you'd like them, it's no problem.

Prices are shipped cash, if anybody's going to the Oneonta NY gunshow November 11th, I can cut you a deal for FTF. Same with selling multiples to the same person.

Everything works as far as I can tell. Just stuff I'm pushing out of the way so I can refill with even better stuff.

1) M-1 Garand stockset, with no metal except the stock ferrule thing. I would like $80 shipped. I bought a stockset at a gunshow because the buttstock was pretty, swapped the pretty buttstock onto my M-1, and now have a prettier M-1 and these left-over parts. The handguard is unfinished, looks like a Boyds?

2) Buncha Vz-24 bayonets. Grips not in the greatest shape, all cosmolene'ed up, all CSZ U marked, usually they just have a (Z) mark. Twenty apiece or $50 for all. SOLD to LEP

3) Polish M-44. Matching, in the grease, sling and manual, original box. Buttstock looks like it got water damage or something, and there's an old splotch of inert rust on the popsicle-stick part of the cocking knob that I never polished off. Bore's still full of grease. $220 shipped.

4) Toy M1903, kinda neat. Found it at a yardsale forever ago. Good for christmas, or Halloween if you hurry. Trigger doesn't move, but the bolt slides back and forth. $40 shipped.

5) Pile of bandoilers. I think there's nine or ten. Some are Korean .30-06 and 5.56, the rest are LC or WRA .30-06. All smell like ammo can. Twenty shipped for all?

6) Gewehr 1871/84. It works, or should. Bore's nice, bolt works, cartridge lifter works, just needs a stock, cutoff lever (if you actually care about switching from single to mag and back) and a mag tube, and you could make a mag tube out of curtain rod. Has a buttplate and nosecap and a buncha barrel bands. $XXX WITHDRAWN FROM SALE DUE TO CONFUSION, NO FURTHER INQUIRIES ACCEPTED.

7) McCann Industries Rape-your-rifle MAS-49/56 kit. Actually works okay, but the gas tube needs brazing or soldering or otherwise fixing the leaks. Right now I'm using automotive sealant goo to patch the leaks enough for it to run halfway decent. Sold as-is. If nothing else, you get a magazine, a scope mount, and spare parts. $130 SOLD to steif.

8) InfanterieGewehr 1871, an 1884 Spandau. Matching except for the bolt washer. Very good bore. No cleaning rod, might've been refinished, initials RM carved in the stock in script. $350 SOLD to Fergus.

9) Uruguayan 6.5mm Dateau conversion Dovitis Mauser. Basically a Inf. Gew. 71 re-chambered to a wildcat 8mm Lebel necked down to 6.5mm. Doesn't match besides the bolt and action. Supposedly you can make ammo from necked down and fireformed x54R cases pretty easy. Bore's immaculate, rifle's really nice but kinda dusty from closet-storage. $350 SOLD to jp

10) Japanese Type 38 carbine and a kinda rusty National Electric bayonet. Decent bore, but the stock's dinged heavily. Got it from a guy who found it in Vietnam when he was an APC commander. Mum is overstamped with three interlocked circles, meaning sold-off by the Japanese government. $325 SOLD/SPF.

Any questions, trade offers, etc, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail addy above, or if you're antsy on AIM, I'm Vaarok there too.

474 Posts number 6 still available? I noticed the 1st deal fell through but someone had 2nd dibs on it already.
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