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WTS: 3 T 99 stocks and 1 T 38 stock

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I was holding these for a fellow; found out today he doesn't want them. There will also be some other stuff from his cache.

#1) Nagoya T 99 stock and hg, no metal, well used, but original finish. Proofs present. Correct for series 1 to 4. Picts 1 through 5. $125 shipped in the lower 48.

#2) Izawa T 99- 9th or 4th stock and hg. Sanded and refinished, wooden BP missing. No metal, uses round rod retainer, SSRS. Picts 6-8, $75 shipped in lower 48.

#3)SOLD TO VICTOR- Kokura T 99, early stock and handguard with some metal. Square rod retainer type. Nice stock, butt plate, trigger guard and screws, front band with one screw present. Picts 9-12,
$165 shipped in lower 48.

#4 T 38 stock and handguard, no metal. Dark but not oil soaked wood. Has Sendai High School brand on butt stock. Pictures in first reply as they all won't fit here. $140 shipped in lower 48.

Please post an I'll take it here; then email or PM me for payment details.
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Pictures of T 38 stock

Here are pictures of the Sendai High School marked T 38 stock from the post above.
Ok, Victor, you got it.

Thanks much.
thanks for the update, sorry about the MCover; figured most of you 'old' guys had what you needed.
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