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What is it a 1909 long rifle, Engineer or "Mountain" carbine?

The Argentines are seen as among the best of the German Mauser rifles, as are all of the SA contracts. They were made under peacetime conditions and like today, German gunmakers like DWM and Loewe wanted to make a competetive product and thus make a profit. A DWM 1909 is IMO one of the finest examples of old world riflemaking and the fit and finish, and smoothness of the action surpass any of the modern bolt rifles turned out today by anyone. I have seen stone mint 1909 and 1908 rifles and they are a sight to behold, even my "shooter" grade 1909 and 1908 still are top notch, slick rifles even though they've seen lots of use.

There are so many variables, I got a 1909 long rifle, mismatched with filled in drill and tap holes with an intact crest for less than $200, also got one of the Gibbs refinished import 1909 "Mountain" carbines with intact crest for $250 or so.

On the other hand a minty, all matched, unmolested 1891 or 1909 with the intact crest could bring upward of $600, the same rifle with a ground crest might only get $400.

To me the whole Argentine crest thing is kind of a "false market" just because Argentina chose to grind the crest on their rifles before selling them as surplus, doesn't IMO make them worth more to me intact. Brazil did not bother and thus all Brazilian rifles have intact crests, and no one is like "I just got a 1908 Brazilian with an intact crest" because all of them do!
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