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I need the following K98 parts, either to buy or trade for.

#1 WaA655 marked floorplate, preferbly with no number have the following for trade
1 ea eagle 1 with 1 with serial number milled
2.ea WaA621 with serial number milled

#2 WaA655 marked milled trigger housing preferably with no serial number have the following for trade, stamped ByF trigger guard with double WaA135 waffens and no serial number.

#3 ghn marked bolt sleeve have a WaA77 and WaA280 for trade (Both with sn:)

#4 e marked cocking piece have a WaA655 marked one for trade (With sn:)

#5 eagle 1 or 1 marked milled follower, have a Waa280 for trade
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