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I'm cheapass I admit:) .

Still, that didn't prevent me from forking out for an M28-76 a week ago.

Keith (Might get another one soon, too.)
I'm definately on the other end of the scale....
I would'nt give $500 for one of those "sporterized Mosin Nagants" M28-76 without a doubt!
The Importer is still SITTING on way-way to many of these--they will move SSLLOOWWLLYY without a doubt for the kind of money they are asking for them...
I made this call wellllll before they where for sale to the public and many people though different--time will tell, but if they are wanting to move them, they are going to have to come way down in price.

To further my thoughs on the M28-76's---Look at Sarco and there large import of Swedish Mauser shooting guns (cg63/cg80's) for the most part are less expensive the the M28-76's--And for darn sure there are a lot more people that would hop on board with a target mauser then a target Mosin Nagant without a doubt....Yeaaa, sarco still has stock last I checked several years later--I just think both of these "target" varieties take a special person to purchase them, and with the quanities brought in by the Importers, they paid to much for them!

Now a non-import M38 [SA] marked gun---the buyer paid a fair price as far as I am concerned---Yea, my bets also that a M44 [SA] would bring more condition for condition.....My bets are a nice [SA] M44 would be hard pressed to stay under the 4 digit figure.

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