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wow Gunrunner Auction

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A Type 99 with mis matched bolt in pretty rough shape, good mum just sold for $560 on Gunrunner. Wow, these rifles are really going up! Regards, Rick.
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I sold this guy last spring for nearly $1250 on Gunbroker. Nice rifle with staked screws, untouched mum and all matching except for the dust cover. The DC had the correct "ri" mark & was #477. Rifle was 2977.

Hello Arisakadogs....Please help me out. DC ??, ri mark ??, What screws should be staked? Regards, Rick.
I need to look at my Type 99 and see if the screws are staked. What was the purpose in doing this? I've never seen a dust cover....I heard the soldiers hated them and they were "lost" in combat. Regards, Rick.
pay attention to the many programs with original WWII footage on tv, most if not all of the rifles have their dust covers.
Hello too by the way(03).....I'm sure you are correct.....What was the dust cover supposed to do? Personally after shooting many rifles for 50 years now, I don't get the rationale for one. There isn't a MILSURP rifle I own from any country or any model that has a dust cover.....of course someone will point one out I'm sure! Here is my type 99. I love this rifle! Regards, Rick.
The bayo and frog were pretty nice too. Bright blade national prism i believe. He should have had them in the pics. And the sling that was on it was in good condition with writing on it. The bolt did not match the gun or itself. It had a type 38 firing pin and safety in it. Stock was sanded. Not worth what it went for.
Great post, Longshot...BTW, how did you get all this info? Actually, I didn't think the stock looked sanded....but I didn't look that close. If it was sanded whoever did it did a very poor job. I have learned alot of good stuff on this thread and enjoyed every post. My Arisaka is a very very accurate rifle and I posted some 100 yard groups some time back. The only thing that I need is a taller front sight as it shoots about 5 inches high. Any ideas from the brain trust welcomed. Regards, Rick.

Here is a pic of a five shot group I shot at 100 yards this past summer....not bad for a 65 year old warrior with open sights and a 61 year old shooter! Hornady ammo. A definite deer killer! If I had just a quarter inch higher front sight it would be perfect. I'm too old to remember to aim low when a huge buck steps out. Regards, Rick.
Nice shooting Sakorick. With what rifle?
My Type 99 above somewhere.... This rifle is nearly as accurate as my 03A3 with Lake city ammo. It's really too close to call....bottom line is that these rifles are very accurate. I popped off those 5 rounds in less than 30 seconds. The Type 99 is a steady shooter. Truthfully, this is my favorite MILSURP rifle and I own several. Regards, Rick.
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