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WOW!! AIM SVT40 Bayo.....

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delivered by BBT today. Packed in box so well
nothing could harm it. Not one ding,scratch,etc
on the scabbard. New looking canvas strap. Bayo
has no EP, Tula w/blade down. # stamped on the
handle, perfect grips and blade 100% perfect
bluing. Am happy now that i passed on the SG
bayo's awhile back. Same price and a sponsor
is supported. Going on a '41 Tula Naval Inf
AVT. No rails. Black sling w/black dog collar
and black ammo pouch. Will walk her at the
Hampton Show this weekend just to hear the
ooh's and aah's !! <chuckle> RC
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No digital camera. Will try and get a GB member to
take pics at Show and post on this thread. RC
Verdict: Def worth $150. Asked for a Tula and
rec same. Only complaint is the realease button?
is tight. A dealer at the Show had one tagged at
$200 and the scabbard had a ding. No dings or
scratches on my scabbard and the bluing on the
bayo is 100% ++.
Can only assume when the Russians or Ukranians
refurbed them, the bluing caused this. Shot it
with Rem Oil to loosen up. What kind of tool do
you use to get the release button out of the
handle ? Anyone else have a tight release on
their refurb ? TIA RC
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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