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"Woodchucks roasting on a open fire"

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oops... Chestnuts.. meant Chestnuts... good time to look for nut trees in your area.. do a little "wildcrafting" locating and harvesting a little of natures bounty where permited.. Pecans, walnuts, Chestnuts whatever...

Also all them leaves.. if you haven't already try composting.. maybe turn them under in your garden or start a worm farm for compost. Pinecones are both fuel and craft supplies.. you can sell bags of 6 "selected for niceness" pine cones to city people for $3-$5 .. Dogwood Berries and sprigs with nice berry clusters sell to craft supply shops .. bale up clean pine needles and hit up the local big box home gardening supply or landscaping contractors to buy it

Good time to add a nut or fruit tree or two.. some require more than one tree and some trees have to be quite a bit apart so pick wisely... pecan for example need to be 40 foot aparts and 25 feet from wires.. apples much smaller footprint.. I know, I just planted two pecans and I got the year before last two apple trees over in the corner of the yard.. hope to replace the grapes I lost with the new fence next year...

So what do you have growing wild arround you.. I have several squrril rich pecan trees that I never seem to get to early enough and an old black walnut that still drops a few..
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Have more Hickory & walnut than you can shake a stick at on my farm . Cant even give them away anymore , folk's are to dern Lazy to pick 'em up ! :(

While were on the subject though , Spring is right around the corner & my farm has May apples out the ying yang . What , if anything , are They good for ?
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