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Won't close on 'GO' gauge//Dark barrel

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I have a S-42G that won't close on the 'GO' gauge and, of course, won't close on the 'NO-GO' gauge. Any comments would be appreciated. As for the barrel, it is dark but the lands and grooves are good, the gun is a good shooter. Bought this one from Classic Guns a few years ago.
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How difficult is it to close on a cartridge?

If you're not having to use force to close the bolt, I wouldn't worry about it. You just have a little less than minimum headspace.

Only way to "fix" it is use a finish reamer to cut the chamber a little deeper.
Lanyard test ??? Sorry, I don't know what that is.
Lanyard test ??? Sorry, I don't know what that is.
An old trick to setup, secure and stabilize rifle using sandbags, old tire etc... a combination of. I have used sandbags in the past. Rest rifle on sandbags and put sand bags over front hand guard rear sight area. Attached cord to trigger and stand back behind cover and pull the cord... try a couple times or until you are satisfied with the fire arms safety..

Of course a trip to a competent gunsmith is not a bad idea either...
Check out you tube 'Mauser cigerette Lighter' that was a bcd43 someone ran over? and pinched the barrel half shut. note how it flew off the rifle stand.
kept shooting till it glowed. its now my ackley that i took yote hunting. (as new persian barrel)
can someone post a link for a non computer person??
I have tried a different bolt and then tried the gauges and found them to work fine .Is this a R/C rifle ?
I am sure you have thought of this. Make sure the chamber is clean, and check to see if a seperated case head is stuck in there. Just a thought. Skid
I can't lay hands on my copy of Dunlap's "Gunsmithing" at the moment, but I believe he mentions that the gauge test should be conducted with a completely stripped bolt (body), no extractor. Only the lightest pressure on the bolt handle.
I will give it a try with a stripped bolt. By the way, the gauges are Forsters. And yes, the chamber is clean, no broken cases, etc. I will try it on a test cartridge, have one in the garage amongst my 'stuff'.
take the extractor off as well as collar...never check headspace with either on, as long as closes freely on a properly loaded bullet you are absolutly fine, note modern ammo headspaces differently than milsurp, so even if closes freely on say yugo, normally it will get a little tighter with say prvi, as the cartridge dimensions at shoulder vary a little. either way your pretty much fine unless takes a decent amount of pressure to close bolt on cartridge.
chas1784......thanks for your reply.....haven't taken the extractor or the collar off as yet......still recuperating from back has closed freely on loaded ammo, no problem
Was hoping that someone would comment about the barrell being dark on my S/42G.............
Why would you need to pull the extractor collar? As long as you can wrangle it well enough to keep it out of the way, it shouldn't interfere with anything you are measuring with headspace gauges.

I have been there with the back surgery. I sympathize completely. Took me almost two months for the pain to go away enough so I could function normally.
Was hoping that someone would comment about the barrell being dark on my S/42G.............
No big deal is the barrel is dark. Just means it wasn't cleaned properly at one point or another. Makes them harder to get cleaned or near impossible in the future if you are real anal about your patches coming out clean.

If it closes on a live round I would not be too worried about myself, I have never even checked headspace on any of my K's.
mto7464..........I have tried and tried to get the barrell to shine and have used this, that and whatever else to get rid of the blackness...all for nothing. The patches come out clean but it's still black inside. Nothing to worry about ,though I had hoped to get it just like my S/147G that shines quite bright.
once badly corroded not much you can do. Shooting it will sometimes improve it.
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