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Wondering what this shotgun may be worth.

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It is made by New England Firearms, 20 gauge, break apart single shot. Top of the barrel says Pardner-Model, 3" Chamber.

The gun looks like it has hardly been used. Case hardening on what I guess is the receiver looks to be brand new. Blueing, and finish on stock look pretty close to 100%.

I will get some pictures up if anyone would like to see some. I can't imagine it is a ground pounder in terms of value, but it is in very nice shape. Any replies are appreciated.
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$75-$100 I see em up for sale quite often.
Thanks for the replies. I was figuring right around $100 or so.

Other then the bore having some crud from sitting around it is pretty clean. I oiled it all up last night, but didn't do anything with the bore since I don't have a 20 gauge brush.
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