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More than a couple folks asked me about "what happend" when I posted such in a recent respons, so here it be :D

We have Wolves AND 375,000Caribou in our WACH "Western Arctic Caribou Herd "

What we dont have are People, fences, Roads or thousands of Hunters looking for Big and Best, while Wolves decimate the weak......and the fenced.....and the chained......

earlier this week I was heading home after a test ride (Rebuilt the engine) and crossed paths with three who had crossed my earlier path........Death was on the line.

We rode over the ridge, and there they were.

The wife snapped a picture while I got off a shot , hit the mark, but as quickly as I reloaded, the other two made the rocky top and dissapeared there. I dont ride that ground, so I circled, but they remaind. I held a bit high as he was actually runnig uphill, and let fly while still swinging, like a shotgun. I lead running Wolves by 1 to 1-12/ their length, depending on thier angle.

Hunt them for fun and profit!!

Good wolf Hunting to you and yours!!

The Hungriest wild Wolf Laughs at the Best fed chained Dog..........
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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